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(Noboru Nekoi)

From Kyoto birth, member of major bank to way of cake. Le cordon bleu Daikanyama school. We learn confectionery in French ekoru Ritz Escoffier. In book "origin story of cake" (the illusion winter building Renaissance)


August, 2017
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2015.11.10 .Tue

Only just! Cake which shows seasonal change

In autumn deep; do, and is season of ... colored leaves.

Let's introduce good cake this time at this time!

1, <Suzukake> colored leaves


"We go and "break" maple changing color with bean jam" and are de upper soft fresh sweet which we sewed.

Gift of the skill that craftsman is delicate as for wonderful hue and molding!

※ "We handled" and went over toha and put wheat flour in the bean jam and steamed and rubbed.


2, <Sentaro> Chofu fir tree hemorrhoids hunting


In Chofu that gave bean jam containing whole beans and Turkish paste of Tanba large-grained variety of the adzuki bean

We pushed branding iron of colored leaves.


3, <Minochu> colored leaves yokan


Original yokan which was fantastic, and expressed view of colored leaves.

We put yellow yokan on crimson and confine die cutting of colored leaves.


4, <Taneya> seed and Kurigo rise


With Kurikinton which is full of flavors, is smooth; go, and wrap in bean jam; and to boiled potato mashed in a tea cloth.

We can enjoy heavy taste of chestnut.



Colored leaves (nothing) 378 yen

Chofu fir tree hemorrhoids hunting (nothing) 195 yen
Nagoya district department store our restaurant-limited
※Sale to November 17 (Tue)

Colored leaves yokan (one) 1,944 yen

Seed and Kurigo rise (with five); 1,350 yen

■Japanese confectionery sales floor under the ground on the first floor

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  • ※Product price that is published in article before March, 2014 for total sum indication of 5% of consumption taxes,
    It is different from price now.

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